Warranty Policy

While we do not offer refunds or returns, we do offer a satisfaction guarantee and a limited 30 day warranty on some parts and service.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Once our work is completed be sure you personally check each key, lock or other service we provided. While we are still onsite please bring up any issues you may have and verify that everything works as it should. Once work is signed off on there will be no returns or refunds.

Limited 30 Day Warranty:
Some parts and service are covered for up to 30 days. If one of the issues below arise after we have performed service then we will return to correct the issues at no cost.

Things we cover under warranty:
  • Auto, Moto, House & Business lock cylinder repairs:
     If any lock cylinder we have repaired in the last 30-days is malfunctioning again, we will return to repair it further at no cost.
  • Auto, Moto, House & Business lock cylinder replacements:
     If any lock cylinder we have replaced in the last 30-days is malfunctioning, we will return to repair/replace it at no further no cost.

Some things we do not cover under warranty and why:
  • Lost Key Programming:
     If its working when we leave then our job was finished successfully.
     Keys do not simply reverse programming. This issue mostly is caused by faulty modules, electric spikes or mistook from other mechanical issues not allowing your auto to start.
  • Broken Keys:
     We do inspect all keys before giving them to you and will not provide you with a damaged key. Keys are made of brass. A soft metal if you treat them like a multi-tool they will break.
  • Door Alignment Issues: Doors frames, hinges and weather can all effect the alignment of your doors. We can not guarantee that weeks after we leave one of these will not happen to you and causes your door and locks to have alignment issues.