Beware of Immitators!

 Unfortunately the locksmith industry is crawling with poorly trained technicians and swindlers. It can be hard to weed out the not so honest locksmiths with poor ethics. Licensing helps a little in Virginia but its not enough. Be sure to ask about company name and information, licensing, insurance, warranty's, pricing, and who it is exactly that will be coming out to provide you service. If they can't provide you solid answers then don't trust them!

 There has been several occasions where an unethical "locksmith" (more con artist then smith really) have led customers to believe that they work for or are associated with Keyworks. They then performed poor workmanship and to top it off charged customers twice as much or more for services. If you are expecting Keyworks be sure you are speaking with Jason or Troy. If anyone else leads you to believe they are preforming services for Keyworks in anyway please pass their information along to us by email or phone.

If its not one of the following contacts its not Keyworks.

Jason Anthony
(Owner, Automotive Locksmith Specialist) 
(804) 404-5399
(804) 306-3420

Troy Anthony
(Locksmith,Residential Specialist)
(804) 475-7120
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Jason and Troy working together on a big locksmith job in Midlothian, VA