ECU Flash & Adaption

Electronic Control Module Flashing and Adaption

Keyworks provides mobile ecu flashing and adaption for all makes and models.
We carry both dealer specific tools and also the best aftermarket solutions.

 Since the mid 90's, car started allowing for ecu programming or "flashing" done by special tools via the OBDII socket. This allows manufacturers to release fixes for known drive-ability issues and the modules easily be updated with the new calibrations. The most common control units that need flashing have always been the PCM (powertrain  control modules) & TCM (transmission control module) but in this day and age virtually all electronic control modules can be reprogrammed. Adapting replacement modules is also a big part of ecu flashing as they will need to be properly calibrated your car.

The most common reasons people call us for ECU Flashing:

  • PCM, ECU, TCM UPDATES: Manufactures regularly release updated calibrations for bug fixes just like your home pc and cell updates. The updates help with many things such as fuel economy, engine/transmission noise, drive issues and much more.
  • CONTROL MODULES REPLACED: About every electronic control module on your car today is coded special for your car and matched to your VIN. That's great when things are working but when you need to have one replaced, it will need to be coded specifically to your car. We can take care of most all module replacement adaptions using new or used parts.