About the Greater Richmond Area Locksmith, Keyworks:

 Keyworks is a family owned & operated automotive locksmith and electronic repair company. Local to Richmond, VA. We are experienced in all aspects automotive locksmith work and electronic module repair. We offer quick and courteous service with quality results. Our rates are always fair & honest, with all work guaranteed.

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Automotive Key Replacements

We specialize in Automotive Car Key Makes!
Give us a call: (804) 404-5399
    We come to you to provide the following:
    • Replace Lost or Stolen Keys
    • Replace Lost or Stolen Remotes
    • Program Transponder Keys "Chip Keys"
    • Program Keyless Entry Remotes
    • Program Proximity Keys
    • Program Fobik Keys
    • Program Remote Head Keys
    • Remove Broken Keys from Lock Cylinders
    • Repair stuck Ignition locks
    • Reset "Flash" ECU Immobilizers

    Losing your keys leave you stranded?
     We provide quick and affordable service to get you back on the road.  No matter if your stranded at the mall or stuck at home, we come to you to make your replacement key or other locksmith repairs on the spot. No towing and no pricey bills from the dealer! Our service vehicles are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to tackle all of today's transponder systems "chip keys" and remotes for almost  every make and model. Call the locksmith Jason to get a free quote! (804)404-5399

    Keyworks has 2 of  Richmond's best locksmiths!
    Transponder Keys, Chip Keys, Prox Remote, Fobik Remotes, IR Remotes:
      Since the late 90's most all auto makers began using transponders systems or "chip keys" in their vehicles. With out a properly cut & programmed key you will not be able to start your car. Our locksmith Jason is highly experienced with automotive locksmithing and knows exactly what needs to be done once you provide him your vehicles year, make and model. There will be no surprises or low-rate quotes only to have it changed after our locksmith arrives and try to tell you something else. Jason will  let you know during the quote if your vehicle needs a chip key or not  and will give you a flat rate quote that includes cutting & programming of your new replacement key.  

    High Security "Laser" Cut Keys:
      Many people think or have been told they can only get hi-security keys from the dealer. I am not sure where this started but its not the case.  Keyworks uses the newest and highest rated key machines to produce new factory specific laser cut keys for all makes and models. We cut keys all day long everyday so our equipment is constantly calibrated and tweaked  to make sure it is always cutting accurately.

    Electronic Control Module Repair

    Electronic Control Module Repair Services
     We are able to repair a lot of different automotive electronic modules. So many its hard to list them all! This page will be slowly updated with the more common module repairs we offer but if you do not see what you need listed feel free to contact us.
    We offer nationwide MAIL-IN service for automotive electronic module repairs. Please contact us if you would like information on mailing us your modules. 
    Airbag Modules Crash Clear: After your car has been in a crash, you will need to replace the airbag module or have us remove the crash data and refurbish your original at fraction of the cost.

    Odometers: Mileage Correction: Had to replace your instrument cluster? We can correct it to your actual mileage.

    Instrument Cluster Repair: Lights go out on your dash, Needles not moving. We can fix that.

    Front Control Module Repair: older Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep common issues related to the Front control module (ecu that controls the fuse box) In most cases these are repairable.

    TIPM (Fuse Box): TIPM failures on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & VW cars is so common it should have been recalled by now. At the least, you can save lots of $$ by having us repair your original fuse box instead of replacing it.

    ECU PCM Repair: Instead of replacing your pcm with another old used unit and then needeing to have itsometimes it makes more sense to have your original repaired / refurbished. In most cases costs will be cheaper to repair AND your pcm will be upgraded with new more stable components.


    ECU Flash & Adaption

    Electronic Control Module Flashing and Adaption

    Keyworks provides mobile ecu flashing and adaption for all makes and models.
    We carry both dealer specific tools and also the best aftermarket solutions.

     Since the mid 90's, car started allowing for ecu programming or "flashing" done by special tools via the OBDII socket. This allows manufacturers to release fixes for known drive-ability issues and the modules easily be updated with the new calibrations. The most common control units that need flashing have always been the PCM (powertrain  control modules) & TCM (transmission control module) but in this day and age virtually all electronic control modules can be reprogrammed. Adapting replacement modules is also a big part of ecu flashing as they will need to be properly calibrated your car.

    The most common reasons people call us for ECU Flashing:

    • PCM, ECU, TCM UPDATES: Manufactures regularly release updated calibrations for bug fixes just like your home pc and cell updates. The updates help with many things such as fuel economy, engine/transmission noise, drive issues and much more.
    • CONTROL MODULES REPLACED: About every electronic control module on your car today is coded special for your car and matched to your VIN. That's great when things are working but when you need to have one replaced, it will need to be coded specifically to your car. We can take care of most all module replacement adaptions using new or used parts.